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Diya Yoga School is situated in Arambol (North Goa), India, which is an absolute panoramic environment. It is not just soothing for your eyes but also offers a homely feel. Meera Acharya a uniquely talented yoga instructor and founder at Diya Yoga is a true inspiration for every student. The place itself will bring a massive change within you in terms of creativity and zest to participate in yoga routines. Meera has honed her skills in Yoga Nidra, which is a term used for a method of conscious sleep. It is about awareness perceiving body, mind and some serious harmony.

About TTC Course

It is a place where many like-minded gather with the thirst for Knowing one self and sanity. If you are interested in going deeper for the same, you should join our Yoga retreat. This will also open doors for certification courses with Yoga Alliance Teacher Training. Goa is an irreplaceable destination when it comes to practicing yoga. It makes yoga training more interesting with open-air schools where one gets to feed their mind and soul with scenic beauty. Therefore, there cannot be a better alternative for growth and restoration.
The teachers who stay in accommodations provided by us offer flexibility in the timing of batches.

They are the right mentors who can lead you to intense programs. The dynamic list of yoga styles includes Hatha, Vinyasa, Yoga Nidra, Ashtanga, and Yin. These yoga styles definitely have the power to calm and control your Yin and Yang energies in a major way. This became possible because of our immense passion for what we do. Our bunch of dedicated yoga teachers ensures that you take some of your best memories when you leave our abode.
Here, we welcome people from all backgrounds and true devotees of yoga from all levels of experience. A yoga retreat is not just an escape from a stressful lifestyle; in fact, it is a reason to have a healthful holiday. It does not matter whether you are traveling solo or with your squad. At Diya Yoga, we have room for everyone who is up for a peaceful vacation, and learning to be yoga teacher with experincing the details philosophy of yoga.

Why Join Diya Yoga?

  1. This may actually sound tricky, but it is quite simple to answer if you have been to Diya Yoga. Do you love visualizing yourself practicing yoga amidst a picturesque sight? Alternatively, do you see yourself being trained under yoga professional? Well, in both cases you will have to visit our exclusive Yoga Retreat. We have jotted down all traits attached to our Yoga Teacher Training Courses just for you.
  2. We have an impeccable team overflowing with all the positivity, enthusiasm and readiness to teach you different yoga styles. Once you choose the desired yoga style, the amazingly trained and experienced residential yoga teachers take charge. They instantly make you comfortable and infuse the right amount of motivation to your yoga routines.
  3. We assist you in exploring beyond Yoga Asanas. At Diya Yoga once you sign up for yoga training, you are deliberately getting access to Philosophy, Art of Teaching, Meditation, Anatomy, and Methodology etc. Each practice session is allotted a duration of an hour or sometimes one and a half hour.
  4. At Diya Yoga, we emphasize on Multi-Style Yoga Teacher Training It is a comprehensive solution to both practical and theoretical training. This is especially practiced in a Global yoga environment. Above all, it is an extension of our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course. In this, teachers with solid portfolios polish your skills and share their personal yoga journey.
  1. The pricing is quite affordable compared to what we bring to the table. The price details go as mentioned below:-
  • Without Accommodation and Food- $965
  • Shared Room- $1473#
  • Private Room- $1815#, Couple Price-$2949# (# Breakfast and lunch  and  is included in price except Sundays)

As our founder Meera Acharya excels at Yoga Nidra, we would recommend you to take a glimpse at it. Once you start with Transformative Nidra Yoga, it is hard to resist oneself from practicing it. The healing process is a perfect blend of Awareness and conscious relaxation. While grinding through the training process, you will get familiar with the words that are specifically used in the sessions. Apart from Yoga Nidra TC, we also give priority to our meditation retreats, yoga retreats, and Yogic Chakra Sadhna Retreat.

Price Range

Shared, Private & Couple Accommodation Option


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