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What we do?

We are in love with Goa, the exotic beach destination, also fondly called the Party Capital of India. And, we are in love with yoga, the ancient art of rejuvenating mind, body and soul. When two of our extremely loved things come together, the result is an information-rich Goa yoga retreat search platform.

We present you explorayoga.com – a regularly updated website that helps the stress-stricken souls to claim their share of respite while living or holidaying at one of the world’s finest yoga destinations.

We consider yoga as a terrific opportunity to redefine your life routine in more than one ways. We aspire to help people enjoy yoga vacations as one of the most extraordinary travel experiences or to choose the wonderful art as a career option through yoga instructor training or simply to make it a part of their daily revival.

Why Explora Yoga ?

A popular survey suggests that nearly 55% of the participants switched to yoga to reduce stress while nearly 50% found it useful in overall health improvement. Also, more than 20% approved it for effective weight management.To help people across the globe invest in the most rewarding yoga holidays and handpick the best yoga retreats in Goa.Yoga tourism has garnered huge limelight in the recent years. A country like India, which hosts an International Yoga Festival every year, naturally adds yoga to the travel goals of millions of people. You can easily find a yoga camp at every popular tourist place in the country and a yoga ashram set up close to the most alluring facets of nature.The intention is straightforward – to bring yoga seekers in the company of the best yogis and yoga trainers and teach them a life-changing or life-improving art in its most authentic form